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iPhone Photography

December 6th, 2012


img_3055I’m crazy about taking photos no matter what device I’m using. For me it’s an expression of desire, memory and inspiration. I have fallen in love with the immediacy and portability of the iPhone. I see so much beauty in the world and with my phone,[ I so rarely forget my phone], I am ready to capture the wonder.

Here are some tips courtesy of Cotton Coulson a National Geographic photographer and a link to an article on iPhone photography.

  • Use Two Hands for Stability
  • Avoid Using the Digital Zoom Box
    the digital zoom feature, which activates when you tap the screen to focus, bringing a blue square onto the display that also adjusts the exposure and white balance it can make the image lose sharpness
  • Keep Compositions Simple
    When shooting with your iPhone, always look for easily readable patterns.
  • Light is Key
    The iPhone will handle this light best: bright overcast, open shadow, or even a bit of fog.
  • Look for People or Objects to Create Sense of Scale
    It’s always good to try to include a person or object in your scene to give a sense of scale.


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