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Creating an Online Presence

I’ve started teaching workshops that empower small businesses, non-profits, artists, authors and evangelists establish an online presence. We talk about all aspects of being online: websites, social networks, online review sites, free business listings, eCommerce, Paypal and email marketing. We explore how each unique business or individual can take dominion over their own presence and have a powerful impact for very little money.

Tentative Date for the next workshop is
June 9, 2013 ·  2:00p.m.-4:00p.m.

I serve as a design and branding coach and a point of empowerment. I introduce participants to the world of wordpress and then guide them through to make the best choices for their vision, mission and budget.

The workshop this past December at East Bay Church of Religious Science was a great success. 33 people registered and feedback was very positive. There will be additional workshops in March, please stay tuned. I work with Julie Gieseke at map the mind to capture in real time what occurs in the work shop. Check out Julie’s work.

About the Workshop:

This workshop is the first in a series focused on Creating an Online Presence and maximizing your online outreach for very little money.

Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, a non-profit, or an evangelist this workshop will inspire and empower you to take dominion over the many facets of your online presence.

You will learn to harness the power of the internet, expand your reach, drive traffic to your website and attract new clients. Participants will also gain knowledge of Social Media, Review Sites, Email Marketing, Blogging, Do-It-Yourself Websites, Paypal and eCommerce.

We’ll talk about naming and branding your business. Plus how to craft a powerful and consistent brand story to broadcast across all media & get your message out.
About the Instructor:
Susan Fleming is a web designer, photographer and a CSL licensed practitioner at the East Bay Church of Religious Science. She has ten years experience as a freelance graphic designer working primarily with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to develop integrated marketing campaigns.